• A.H.G.M. (Ton) van der Heiden
    A.H.G.M. (Ton) van der Heiden Osteopath D.O. - MRO

    Ton van der Heiden has worked as an osteopath since 2002, graduating from the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, Belgium. He previously worked as a physio/manual therapist for more than 20 years.

    Osteopathy has since benefited him and his patients significantly. Not only did this training provide greater knowledge, but it also laid the foundation for a special way of examining patients.

    He and his colleague Peter van Dommelen developed a completely new method of research and added it to already existing research techniques. This resulted in a wealth of information and new perspectives. They subsequently set up a course, allowing fellow osteopaths to implement this approach as well.

    He uses this way of research daily and patients can reap the benefits. For more information, visit our site under the heading “publications”. As an osteopath, he is always looking for the source of a complaint. This method of examination allows direct action to be taken on the structure, where the core of the current problem lies, thus limiting the amount of treatment.

  • M.M.M. (Marc) van Leeuwen
    M.M.M. (Marc) van Leeuwen Osteopath D.O. - MSc. Ost.

    Marc van Leeuwen is a graduate of the International Academy of Osteopathy (I.A.O.) and holds a Master of Science degree in Osteopathic Medicine (Msc. Ost.Med.) from Bucks New University. He previously worked as a manual therapist and sports physiotherapist (MSc) for more than a decade. In 2022, he finished the specialisation ‘Osteopathy in Children’ (Panta Rhei – Pro Osteo). This two-year training gave him great knowledge and new insights into examining and treating children and newborns. In addition, Marc travels frequently to England to attend courses at the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO).

    His passion for osteopathy began in 2015. To deepen and hone his manual skills, he attended the ‘manipulations & soft tissue techniques’ course at the International Academy of Osteopathy that year. Thereafter, the choice was easily made to start full training as an osteopath the following year.

    Among other things, what fascinates him is the interconnection of the different tissues and body systems within the human body. The body is a whole and everything works and moves together. Knowing this connection and recognising its importance ensures that the osteopath always looks for the cause behind a complaint. Finding the cause is also a major challenge for Marc. As he knows that this is the only place where optimal results can be achieved.

    Every day, he works with great enthusiasm and passion to achieve the best possible outcome together with the patient. As an osteopath, he sees people with a wide variety of complaints. He treats babies and children as well as adults; athletes and non-athletes.

  • C. (Chris) Degens
    C. (Chris) Degens Osteopath D.O. - MRO

    Chris Degens graduated from the Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO) in Antwerp in 2012. Previously, he worked as a physio-manual therapist in Belgium. He successfully completed his master’s thesis with scientific research (the effect of indirect treatment techniques on the fascial system) in 2020, earning the title of D.O. in osteopathy.

    His interest in osteopathy arose while studying structural therapy at FICO. (Osteopathy Academy) There, the importance of treating people as a whole was highlighted several times. Humans can only function properly and be healthy if the various bodily systems are in harmony with each other. The emotional system, for instance, is also involved and it often plays a role that must not be underestimated.

    Based on a thorough intake interview and proper clinical examination, he looks for the origin of the complaints, then uses targeted techniques to restore the loss of movement. This causes the fluids in the body (blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid) to flow optimally and activate the body’s self-healing ability (= autoregulation).

    For Chris, every individual is unique due to a combination of congenital traits and strains, which people have accumulated throughout their lives. By attending a number of refresher courses every year, he keeps his knowledge up to date and improves his working methods. With pleasure, he dedicates himself time and again to achieve optimal results with his clients, both children, and adults.