M.M.M. (Marc) van LeeuwenOsteopath D.O. - MSc. Ost.

    Marc van Leeuwen graduated from the International Academy of Osteopathy (I.A.O.) and earned the Master of Science degree in Osteopathic Medicine (Msc. Ost. Med.) through Bucks New University (UK) in 2020. Before that, he worked as a Manual Therapist and Sports Physical Therapist (MSc) for over ten years. In 2022, he completed the specialization Osteopathy in Children. This two-year training provided him with much knowledge and new insights into examining and treating children and newborns. As of 2023, Marc is an instructor at PRO Osteo and teaches within the course “Osteopathy in Children. He also travels regularly to England to take courses at the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO).

    Every day, he works with great enthusiasm and passion to achieve the best possible outcome together with the patient. As an osteopath, he sees people with a wide variety of complaints. He treats infants and children as well as adults; athletes and non-athletes.

    What fascinates him, among other things, is the relationship of the various tissues and body systems within the human body. The body is a whole and everything works and moves together. Knowing this connection and recognizing its importance ensure that the osteopath always looks for the cause behind a complaint. Marc also sees finding the cause as a major challenge. Because he knows that only there can optimal results be achieved. He is therefore very grateful for the daily cooperation with his experienced companion Ton van der Heiden. Marc has since been able to implement the unique method of examination within his own osteopathic research.

    · 2023 – Living, Breathing Bone M6 SCCO – Stroud (UK)

    · 2024 – Spark in the Motor – SCCO Stroud (VK) Upcoming Juni ’24
    · 2024 – The First Year of Life SCCO – SCCO Stroud (VK) UPCOMING april ’24
    · 2024 – Neural Manipulation with Alain Croibier (PRO Osteo)
    · 2024 – Functional Face M8 – SCCO Stroud (VK)
    · 2024 – Plagiocephaly, Torticollis and Cranio-Facial asymmetries, Sylvie Lessard (PRO Osteo)
    · 2024 – Manual Approach to the Brain with Jean Pierre Barral (PRO Osteo)
    · 2023 – In Reciprocal Tension M5 SCCO – Stroud (UK)
    · 2022 – The Lymphatics, Dr. R. Perrin DO PhD (Pro Osteo)
    · 2022 – Osteopathic Medicine SCCO M3 – SCCO Stroud (UK)
    · 2022 – Osteopathy in the Cranial Field M2 SCCO – London (UK)
    · 2021 – Revised mid-range spinal manipulations techniques for osteopaths – Antwerp (FICO)
    · 2021 – Manual Approach to the Brain Part I – Jean-Pierre Barral (PRO Osteo)
    · 2021 – Evolutionary nutrition, lifestyle and osteopathy (PRO Osteo)
    · 2021/2022 – Training in Osteopathy for Children (PRO Osteo).