A.H.G.M. (Ton) van der HeidenOsteopath D.O. - MRO

    Ton van der Heiden has worked as an osteopath since 2002, graduating from the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, Belgium. He previously worked as a physio/manual therapist for more than 20 years.

    Osteopathy has since benefited him and his patients significantly. Not only did this training provide greater knowledge, but it also laid the foundation for a special way of examining patients.

    He and his colleague Peter van Dommelen developed a completely new method of research and added it to already existing research techniques. This resulted in a wealth of information and new perspectives. They subsequently set up a course, allowing fellow osteopaths to implement this approach as well.

    He uses this way of research daily and patients can reap the benefits. For more information, visit our site under the heading “publications”. As an osteopath, he is always looking for the source of a complaint. This method of examination allows direct action to be taken on the structure, where the core of the current problem lies, thus limiting the amount of treatment.