Osteopathy rules of practice


For the brochure “Osteopathy for adults” and “Osteopathy for babies and children”, please refer to our website: www.andromeda-osteopathie.nl.

Rates (2023):

Effective 1-1-2023, practitioners at Andromeda Centre for Osteopathy apply the following rates:

  • A.H.G.M. van der Heiden charges €100 for his initial intake and examination (30 minutes) and €100 for each follow-up consultation (30 minutes).
  • M.M.M. van Leeuwen charges €95 for his initial intake and examination (45 minutes) and €95 for each follow-up consultation (35-45 minutes). 
  • C. Degens charges €90 for his initial intake and examination (45 minutes) and €90 for each follow-up consultation (35-45 minutes)

We ask patients to be present on time so that the reserved time can be used optimally. Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment is possible until no later than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Unattended appointments may be charged for.

In general, you can assume 3 to 5 treatments.


Being a patient of our centre, you can use the AppointmentApp. This app reminds you of appointments, which you have made at the Andromeda Centre for Osteopathy. You can look up appointments in the app and receive reminders for them. Even if you are not going to use the app, you will get reminders via e-mail from now on. This ensures you never have to forget an appointment again.

However, we remind you that you are responsible for keeping your appointments at all times.

Change or cancel appointment & absence:

If you wish to change or cancel your appointment please do so ahead of time. Reserved time for an appointment that is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged.

We will also be obliged to charge you if you do not show up on time or fail to keep your appointment.


You can schedule an appointment without a referral from a GP or specialist.

 Health insurance reimbursement:

Almost all health insurers reimburse the osteopathic treatment in full or in part provided that the osteopath is registered in the N.R.O. (Dutch Register for Osteopathy) and may use the title D.O.-MRO. All osteopaths in our practice meet both conditions.

The reimbursement may vary depending on the insurer and supplementary package. We advise you to check with your health insurer before starting treatment. If your health insurer reimburses per consultation, it is possible, at your request, to split the examination and initial treatment into two consultations and schedule them on two different days.


The invoice for your treatment will be sent to your e-mail address as known in our administration unless you prefer to receive the invoice on paper.


We are committed to treating you in a clean practice. Therefore, we naturally require that you also ensure good personal hygiene.

Compulsory identification

We are required to check your identification. Therefore, we ask you to bring a valid ID to the first appointment.

Personal data protection

The osteopathy profession is subject to medical confidentiality regulations. Solely in the following case may your medical records be transferred to third parties:

  • If requested by third parties, but even then only with your express and prior consent

Documentation is bound by rules. This is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which guarantees good protection of your personal data. Our privacy statement can be found on our website: www.andromeda-osteopathie.nl/privacy-statement

Complaints procedure

You can rest assured that all our employees are doing their jobs to the best of their ability. If you do have complaints about your treatment or the way your osteopath or one of our staff interacts with you, please let us know. This also applies to complaints you have about our organisation or complaints of a non-medical nature concerning our osteopaths. This is beneficial for yourself, for other patients, and for the quality of osteopathy and our organisation.

For the complaints procedure, please refer to the brochure in the waiting room.

 Questions & additional information:

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding Osteopathy, please check out our website: www.andromeda-osteopathie.nl  or contact us at 040-2541154, option 1, and we will be happy to assist you. Via the above-mentioned website, you can view the brochures regarding Osteopathy.